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Popular Weed Strains Volume 1.

Violator | Indica

Pay attention to the genetics!

Here is Lucky Herbz Popular Weed Strains Vol. 1, a list of 5 famous and popular cannabis strains to help you expand your strain knowledge. If your goal is to be an informed cannabis user, one of the best ways is to pay attention to strain details. As you eventually test your way through different strains, you will start to recognize the ones you like. Then, you can start tracing the genetics to determine the likelihood of you enjoying a strain. For example, let’s say you’re a huge fan of Haze. There’s a high chance you will also like hybrid strains crossed with Haze. Blue Dream, Super Lemon Haze, Ghost Train Haze and Silver Haze might be your new favourite!

What’s up with the indica and sativa thing?

When you start really getting into cannabis strain genetics, you quickly realize that the indica | sativa dichotomy is outdated, and frankly, false. Cannabis indica literally means “cannabis from India” and was a term coined to describe squat, hardy, quick-flowering plants found in northern India, Afghanistan and Pakistan. On the other hand, cannabis sativa means “cultivated cannabis”. If taken literally, this term applies to all the cannabis you’ve ever smoked.

Over the decades, these two terms changed to represent a spectrum relating more to effects than to plant structure. Indica connects to the sedative, relaxed body stone, while sativa refers to energetic, buzzing mental highs. We still use the two terms because the culture is still connected to the meanings.

The more that you learn about cannabis strains, the more you realize it’s all in the genetics. So chase them! Find your favourites, then track down the whole family! Here are 5 Popular Weed Strains.

Blue Dream

Genetics: Blueberry x Haze

Blue Dream has become one of the planets most popular strains. This bomb sativa dominant hybrid strain emerged out of America’s weed haven, the west coast of California. Ever since it hit the market, it’s been flying off shelves and blowing people away. It has won many cannabis awards in flower and extract form. The terpene profile and flavours of Blue Dream is what keeps people coming back, time and time again.

Sometimes when you cross breed two strains with opposite effects, you create a hybrid that displays the best of both worlds. Blue Dream is a perfect example of this. The effects are calm yet energizing, creative yet calculative, and just balanced in general. It’s a great strain for social engagement, or creative pursuits. Furthermore, Blue Dream is a super for daytime use and excellent as a wake and bake strain.

Organic Blue Dream

Super Lemon Haze

Genetics: Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze by Green House Seeds

Super Lemon Haze is one of the most famous sativa strains out there. Super Lemon Haze is a marriage of two heavyweights, Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. It’s triangular buds exhibit bright orange hairs and are covered in blankets of trichomes. And yes, it really smells like lemons. However, it also carries pungent piney skunk undertones.

The terpene profile bursts with a terpene called limonene, providing Super Lemon Haze with its citrus scent. That presence of this terpene in high quantities seems to always prelude a giggly, euphoric, uplifting and happy experience.

This is a perfect day time strain. You may not want to smoke this too late at night, because its energizing and mentally charged effects may keep you up. This strain is excellent for creative pursuits like playing music, doing visual art or writing.

Popular Weed Strains


Genetics: Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies x Sunset Sherbet by Cookie Fam Genetics

Gelato is a herald of the new school of strains! As cannabis has become legal in more than half the states in the US and federally in Canada, there has been an explosion of new strain genetics. Most notably there has been some incredible breeding coming out of California. One of Cali’s most famous seed companies is called Cookie Fam Genetics, and Gelato is one of their most popular creations from the last few years.

Gelato is a genetic cross of a special Girl Scout Cookies phenotype called Thin Mint Cookies with Sunset Sherbet. The terpene profile is reminiscent of cake batter and cream, and the flowers are often a deep purple. Gelato tends to always be coated in a sparkling layer of trichomes.

The powerful yet even-handed effects of this strain are excellent for an afternoon or evening session. It’s certainly a dessert, and the lazy effects will have you stretched out on the nearest couch in no time.

Popular Weed Strains

Death Bubba

Genetics: Bubba Kush

Death Bubba seems to be uniquely famous among Canadians. Although it has certainly made its way across the globe, Death Bubba gets the most love here in Canada. This Vancouver born Bubba Kush phenotype made waves half a decade ago when it took the market by storm. This Bubba was different than others. It was extra sparkly, extra gooey and sticky, and a couple tokes sent you straight off into orbit. The Death Bubba had arrived. It is certainly no surprise it has become a popular weed strain.

The precursor Death was meant to herald its overpowering sleepy effects. Even advanced users were being sent headfirst into soft surfaces without delay. Death Bubba stinks of piney, lemony fuel, and represents a terpene profile now commonly referred to as “gas”. This righteous herb stands head and shoulders above most other kush strains when you’re looking for a reliable source of dankness.

Popular Weed Strains

RockStar Kush

Genetics: RockStar x Bubba Kush

The same way Death Bubba is famous, RockStar Kush and its sibling RockStar are also high on the popularity list. Also hailing from the west coast of Canada, this strain first became famous in it’s original form: RockStar. This was a combination of two other strains called Rock Bud and Sensi Star. After a massive run of popularity, someone had the excellent idea to cross the RockStar with a Bubba Kush. It may have been a Death Bubba or a Pink Kush, but regardless it certainly made RockStar even kushier.

RockStar Kush stinks of gas, fuel, pine, lemon and earth. This list of smells is enough to make any indica lover jump out of their seat. RockStar strains are potent and hard-hitting, usually with quick-acting effects. For frequent indica users this could be described as a functional high. However, if you don’t smoke often, or don’t indulge in potent indicas often, approach this one with caution.

And there you have it, Lucky Herbz Popular Weed Strains Vol. 1

Popular Weed Strains

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