On this page, find out what’s new with Lucky, from most recent price changes, fresh drops, to new programs.

We are always working on improving Lucky Herbz. From the customer experience to our product line, offering curated collections to improving the website, there’s always something we can do to make things better.

Bundles + Variety Packs

We have been working tirelessly to give you even more choice and control over what you purchase. This is why we are pleased to introduce Bundles and Variety Packs.

With so many product choices, sometimes it’s difficult to choose! It’s nice to know that some rad cannabis professional are curating different bundles for your pleasure. Bundles are available in the vape section, for edible products, and pre-rolls. Variety Packs are available in the flower section

Menu Sample Pack (Eighths)

Flower Variety Packs

We are incredibly pleased to introduce our Flower Variety Packs. The Variety Packs are huge, and guaranteed to be a hit with our loyal customers! With most places where you buy weed online, you can receive bulk discounts when you buy larger quantities of a given strain. When you buy an 1/8th, you rarely get a discount. Buy an ounce of a single strain, you usually get a nice fat discount for that.

Here at Lucky, we have put together a selection of Variety Packs, which gives you more choice. Instead of only getting the ounce discount when you buy an ounce of one strain, the Variety Packs allow you to choose 4 different quarters to create your own personalized ounce deal.


Tinctures, let’s face it. They are so expensive! And if you’re a medical patient, your insurance inevitably doesn’t cover buying these. We know that CBD, and cannabis in general, can be an incredible alternative health route with countless success stories.

With this in mind, we make sure to offer our cannabis tinctures at the lowest possible prices! To bring this a step further, we now offer 20% when you buy 3 or more tinctures! That means you can get 3 CBD Tinctures with 750 mg CBD each for just $100!

This kind of pricing is unheard of in the modern retail space where one of these tinctures can come close to $100 on its own!

Loyalty and Points Program

If you haven’t already, you have to check out our new Loyalty and Points Program from Gratisfaction. You can only see this once you’ve logged in and made an account, and then the black REWARDS button will appear on the edge of your screen. Follow the prompts to sign up, and instantly get 420 points once you sign up. That’s a FREE $21 for you to use whenever you please. Now that you’re signed up, you get 5% back on all your purchases! This adds up real fast!

This same program also offers a Referral program! Follow the Gratisfaction prompts to send a referral to your friends. They are instantly sent a coupon for $20 for their first order! Let them know as well, they can use the code “firstlucky” at checkout to receive free shipping on their first order! Of course, you deserve something too for giving us a referral. When they place an order, 300 points will be instantly added to your account!