Who Is Lucky Herbz?

Our mission from day 1 has been to offer customers an extensive selection of the highest quality strains sourced from premium ethical Craft growers from across British Columbia. BC is widely recognized as one of the finest Cannabis growing regions on the planet.

Exclusive genetics, standout terpene profiles and clean burning cannabis consistently delivers potent and exciting effects.

We’ve spent years developing relationships with small batch, craft growers throughout the province. As a result, we can offer Lucky Herbz connoisseurs exclusive genetics in a constantly rotating selection.

Are you a fan of iconic native BC cannabis strains uch as Pink Kush, RockStar, God Bud, and Death Bubba? You’ll want to keep a close eye on our menu, rare strains don’t last long!

Our varied, sought after genetics combined with great service and speedy secure shipping bring our customers back time and time again.

Craft Cannabis

The term Craft Cannabis refers to small batch, organic cannabis grown by cultivators who realize the importance of chemical free flower for both the consumer and the local environment.

This also means the flower is high quality, hand-cut & trimmed, and care is taken to ensure the drying process maintains the highest amount of terpenes and cannabinoids possible.

Today, the word “Craft” serves as a distinction between smaller scale cannabis growers and emerging industrial producers.

While large corporations focus on maximizing yields by creating vast grow spaces, craft producers focus on quality instead of quantity. They grow in smaller spaces where they can ensure control of all the important growing parameters.

Trimming the buds by hand, rather than using automated machinery, helps preserve the trichomes (which hold all the terpenes and cannabinoids). This method isn’t practical for large facilities.

In addition, large-scale farming poses a greater risk of insects and other pests. This kind of growing technique is overly dependant on chemical pesticides.

Small producers can take more active measures. One of these is the use of organic methods like beneficial insects, which are effective but require much more effort.

Ultimately, craft producers can use the size of their farms to their advantage, for the sustainable production of flavourful and aromatic flower. This is more attractive to consumers willing to pay more per gram to achieve a high-end experience.

Why British Columbia?

The reputation of British Columbia’s Cannabis (fondly referred to as “BC Bud”) stems from a mixture of culture, geography and politics.

The Pacific Northwest is a wet region with a climate perfectly suited for growing cannabis. The long spring and fall seasons make the plants resilient, warm summers make them grow tall and a healthy. The constant supply of rain throughout the region means fertile soil and potent pot.

For years before Canadian legalization, BC was well-known for the laid back approach to the enforcement of Cannabis laws. This lead to wide spread production and many experienced high end growers entering the space.

Another result of the lax enforcement in the area was that growers could be more open about their genetic experimentation.

Currently, BC boasts some of the most prolific, award winning, multi-generational strains. What many people don’t realize is that genetics are the key to superb cannabis. You cannot grow AAAA crops from any old seeds.

We could go on, but BC Bud is world renowned for a reason. You only need to try it to understand why. We offer the widest selection of clean burning, potent and tasty strains at the best prices. Stop reading and start enjoying!