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Pennelec Energy Rates – Take Advantage of Energy Choice

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PENELEC customers can take advantage of energy choice and shop for competitive electricity rates with suppliers that offer savings over the default utility rate known as Price to Compare. When PA customers shop for alternative retail electricity supplies, they can also choose plans with fixed rate options that allow them to pay the same amount each month, even if market prices rise.

As the region’s primary electric utility, PENELEC is responsible for maintaining lines and infrastructure that deliver power to homes and businesses throughout its service territory. Whether it’s building new poles, fixing downed wires or trimming trees that threaten them, PENELEC works tirelessly to keep their regional grid running smoothly and safely.

Pennelec is part of the FirstEnergy family of utilities and serves as the transmission and distribution system for its region. As such, it is responsible for the infrastructure that delivers power from generators to consumers, including the high-voltage transmission power lines that carry electricity across Pennsylvania. In addition, PENELEC works to ensure that all power systems are ready for severe weather events, such as storms and tornadoes.

The company began with 2 miles of line and 16 customers over 100 years ago, but now its infrastructure spans 17,000 square miles and provides quality electricity to more than 600,000 customers. As a customer-owned utility, Penelec is dedicated to providing reliable and affordable electricity to all its residents and business customers.

Since deregulation of the energy industry, the company has worked to make its services more accessible for consumers. In addition to offering competitive generation rates and plans, PENELEC offers other energy solutions, such as its Smart Meter program. Customers can use the online portal to track their energy consumption and find ways to save money.

As a default supply provider, PENELEC has the right to charge a default generation rate (Price to Compare) for its customers. This is the price it pays to generator companies for electricity to be delivered over its high-voltage transmission power lines and into its local electrical switch yards. The utility then distributes this electricity to customers across its controlled distribution network.

While most residential and commercial customers remain on the regulated utility default supply rate, some take the time to compare rates and find competitive electricity offers from alternative suppliers. These suppliers can provide a better price for the generation of their electricity and, in many cases, offer savings over the Penelec default rate.

The best way to decide which supplier is right for you is to check out the rates they are currently offering, especially if it’s been a while since you last shopped for a deal. Look at the terms of each plan, including its contract term and any recurring monthly charges. It is important to note that if you choose to cancel your supplier contract before the end of its term, you may be charged an early cancellation fee by the retailer. Also, be sure to ask about any perks and incentives that might be offered for switching.